The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [SWITCH]

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [XCI] | 16GB


An epic adventure across the land and skies of Hyrule awaits in The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom for Nintendo Switch™. The adventure is yours to create in a world fueled by your imagination.

In this sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll decide your own path through the sprawling landscapes of Hyrule and the mysterious islands floating in the vast skies above. Can you harness the power of Link’s new abilities to fight back against the malevolent forces that threaten the kingdom?

This XCI dump of the game is for the actual Nintendo Switch, however, I included ready to go portable emulators inside so you can play on PC. Please update the Emulators before using them, you can usually do this by checking the Help section in the menu bar.

Test both Ryujinx and Yuzu after updates, see which has the least amount of issues or has more performance for you.

- Regards, Sin & Frost

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⸎ These emulator repacks are for Windows x64bit ⸎

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PAGE UPDATED: MAY 25 (Added more 1.1.1 shaders)
If you came here for Suavemente, you don't need it anymore.


║ ⸎ Ryujinx Configured + Game Update 1.1.0


(Base Game is not included, only the Game Update is set up. Grab the game from the Torrent.)

I will update this prepack occasionally when I get the time (and if there are enough changes to warrant the effort), the one in the torrent is entirely outdated now but is still usable if you update. If you want to use this premade Ryujinx pack, please replace the files of the one in the torrent with the files from this download. Check back here on occasion to see if I've updated, then go from there. Cheers.

Preconfig Pack Download V4

Comes with:
Update 1.1.0
30 FPS Mod Pack / 60 FPS Mod Pack (Thanks to Frost)
Settings I gathered are best

Just download and play.


A note for Large Caches: A large cache may require up to 16GB+ of RAM alone. If you don't have RAM to spare, do not use a Cache. It can result in you losing performance or crashing, caused from it being too large for your PC to hand off to your RAM instead of shoving it in your System PageFile.


Ryu Cache for 1.0.0Download Mirror

Count: 11,133 - This will be updated periodically if they are sent to me, link remains the same.


Ryu Cache for 1.1.0Download Mirror

Count: 15,821 - This will be updated periodically if they are sent to me, link remains the same.


Ryu Cache for 1.1.1Download Mirror

Count: 9,565 - This will be updated periodically if they are sent to me, link remains the same.

Steps to add a Cache:
1. Open Ryujinx, right-click the game -> Cache Management -> Purge Shader Cache
2. Right-click the game again -> Cache Management -> Open Shader Cache Directory
3. Extract the `guest` and `shared` files from the Cache download you grabbed above, then you're done.
4. Loading the cache can take a long time, do not close the emulator unless it has frozen for 15+ minutes, especially on OpenGL.
5. If you broke the cache setup process by closing the emulator, or it crashed, purge the cache and try again.


Ryujinx TOTK FAQ/Tips:

Updating Ryujinx:
To update Ryujinx use Help -> Check for Updates.  If when told to Restart Ryujinx it gets stuck, make sure it is fully closed by closing the CLI Window.  Afterwards you can open it again. Please keep in mind that Ryujinx does not update your game for you, that is your responsibility.

Crash when trying to open Ryujinx:
(a) Check the minimum Ryujinx requirements, see their website.
(b) Use 7zip to extract zipped archives, not WinRAR or Windows Explorer.
(c) Do not try to run programs while they are in Zip folders.
(d) Do not put a program and its files in a write or read-protected directory, especially not OneDrive directories.

I'm crashing as soon as I try to launch the game:
(a) If you installed the game update, try removing it; if that works, try a different source for the game update.
(b) Always try rebooting your PC and have as few programs running as possible when using intensive programs like emulators.
(c) Try changing the Audio API in Ryujinx's settings if it's set to OpenAL.
(d) Try purging your shadercache. (Right-click on the game within Ryujinx -> Cache Management)
(e) Try moving your game save data elsewhere, then try again.
(f) If your CPU, GPU or RAM are overclocked, please try using them at Factory settings.
(g) If you got the game file from some weird website, try to get it from this torrent instead.
(h) Try updating Ryujinx or start with a new Ryujinx setup, moving over the "portable" folder if you have one in use.

I don't have any Sound:
(a) Make sure your PC isn't trying to push Audio through your gamepad speaker if it has one.
(b) The game's Title Screen doesn't have music, this can be unexpected.
(c) Try changing the Audio API option and then restarting the emulator.

▪ Currently, performance is largely determined by the Resolution you are trying to use for the game.
▪ We recommend trying Resolution x1 in Docked Mode first, if it's stable, then you can try x2 Handheld and Docked.
▪ You may increment the Resolution values at your leisure, just try to maintain 30FPS at minimum with very minimal drops.
▪ Resolution x2 is 1440p while Handheld and 1800p while Docked (900p x2, not 1080p x2 for 4k), please pay attention to this.
▪ Emulators are heavily Single Thread-bound, "more cores" does not equal "more performance." Beefy GPU doesn't matter.
▪ Grab a community-made ShaderCache.

Nvidia GPU:
▪ If you have an Nvidia GPU, try switching Ryujinx to use OpenGL if Vulkan performs poorly for you.

▪ Please try Vulkan, AMD cards do not behave well with the OpenGL API due to the vendor refusing to support OpenGL extensions.


How do I add Mods:
1. Download the mod you want.
2. Right-click the game in Ryujinx.
3. Select "Open Mods Directory"
4. Delete the older version of the mod if you're updating it.
5. Extract the folder from mod's zip file into this directory, it should just be a folder with the mod's name and then exefs inside it.
6. Ryu doesn't have a GUI to turn mods on or off yet, they are simply "on" is they are detected by Ryujinx.



║ ⸎ Yuzu, the incredibly-buggy-but-runs-on-a-potato emulator


Yuzu Preconfig Pack for TOTK (Game is not included)

This specific repack will no longer be updated by me as I will no longer be supporting Yuzu. Read the instructions inside the pack so you can update it yourself in the future. Cheers.

Preconfig Pack Download

▪ Use Vulkan, there is little reason to use OpenGL.


Yuzu's Vulkan does not need a Cache, this is because Async Shader Compilation essentially eliminates 98% of stutter.

Yuzu EA Portable Pack

This is a portable Yuzu pack that comes with an updater, preconfigured and ready to go.

This is not for TOTK. That one is above.



║ ⸎ Bits & Bobs


TOTK Game Updates:
Direct Link to 1.1.1 Update1.1.1 Download Mirror

Direct Link to 1.1.2 Update1.1.2 Download Mirror

(Spoilers) TOTK Item List - Spreadsheet
(This is updated by an unofficial community, their Discord Server link is included; bookmark the list if you want.)





  • Tears of the Kingdom [XCI].7z (16.8 GB)



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